DUNCRISTAL NCL is a water-soluble fertiliser designed to be diluted in water and applied through irrigation water on numerous crops. Technical quality soluble salts have been used for its manufacture, with a high degree of purity and solubility. This reduces the precipitates that may form when reacting with different types of water, ensuring the minimum risk of clogging in drippers and irrigation pipes. DUNCRISTAL, provides a mix of individually chelated micro EDTA, which complements the NPK balance of the formulation, thus preventing and correcting possible deficiencies caused by the lack of micro-elements or their low availability.


ABONO CE Abono NPK   20-20-20  de mezcla con micronutrientes. %
Total Nitrogen(N) 20,00 %
Nitrógeno(N) Nítrico 5,50 %
Ammoniacal Nitrogen(N) 2,60 %
Ureic Nitrogen(N) 11,90 %
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) soluble in water 20,00 %
Potassium oxide(K2O) Water soluble 20,00 %
Boro (B) soluble 0,02 %
Manganeso (Mn) quelado por EDTA 0,05 %
Zinc quelado por EDTA 0,05 %
Molibdeno (Mo) soluble en agua 0,005 %
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The NCL family stands out for not providing chlorine in its balances, and is therefore the best option for providing nutritional salts to crops. The presence of chlorine in water-soluble formulas increases the conductivity, which can generate some salt stress in plants, reducing the productive potential, especially in crops with low tolerance to salinity, chlorine also forms with the chemical elements of the environment, toxic salts such as sodium chloride, which is detrimental to the proper development of the crop.


NPK crystalline fertiliser fully soluble 1-1-1 balance with micronutrients, to stimulate growth, vegetative development, root development and increase reserves.
It can be used when a multiple effect on the whole crop is required.
Dosage and instructions for use: For use in localised irrigation. As a guideline, use 10-20 kg/100 lt. in the mother solution and 0.2-1.5 g/lt. in the nutrient solution.
Cautions: Do not mix with alkaline products.