Agronomic solutions

Our company offers a wide range of agronomic solutions for professional agriculture. We are committed to our customers, always proposing solutions according to the agronomic needs that arise at each stage or phase of agricultural production.


Nutritional programmes

In DUNYA, we have multiple biostimulation and nutrition programmes for different crops. These Generic Programmes are based on the needs and general physiological characteristics of the different crops. These programmes serve as a Standard Guide when it comes to proposing proposals for the nutrition and biostimulation of plants. The vision and knowledge of the particular characteristics and conditions will be fundamental when it comes to changing this Standard programme into a Customised one according to needs.

What we do

We love what we do, and it shows.
Our agronomic solutions have been designed thanks to the knowledge acquired by a group of Agricultural Technicians, specialised and experts in the area of production and advice to producers in multiple crops.
This has allowed DUNYA to develop contrasting solutions that have emerged from the bottom-up, from the "FIELD TO THE LABORATORY", as a result of the needs and proven experiences in different crops.

Plans and strategies

Our strategy is very simple, to provide personalised solutions for each situation and to ensure that the decision is the right one.
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DUNYA your reliable company

DUNYA aims to provide the professional agricultural sector with proven and essential agronomic solutions to always achieve the highest yields.

Consultancy Specialists

More than 25 years ago, an Agronomic Consultancy team was created to serve agricultural producers. Thanks to this work in the field, the solutions that have been developed in the most operative R+D+i that we can imagine were born + 15,000 ha of crops with integral consultancy.

Families of products and services

Biostimulation, Nutrition, Crop Protection, Organic Farming, Biofertilisers, Biocontrol and agronomic advice

Featured products

Based mainly on biostimulants and nutritional solutions as well as products for crop control and protection and a wide range of solutions for organic farming.
To this we add a section of complements and our agronomic consultancy and advice service.


Thanks to the analysis and study of different crops and inputs for agricultural production, we have been able to synthesise in a Catalogue the families that are vital to achieve the best yields through efficient and sustainable products and positioning.

TEST+ Practice

Our large group of agricultural technicians have developed, together with Dunya's R+D+i department, agronomic solutions to meet the needs of numerous crops.

Solutions and results

The agronomic solutions presented on this website are based on what they are capable of generating in crops. The results support their use

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We are a lively and dynamic company, with a great vocation and experience in the agricultural sector. We continuously keep our attention on new technologies, research lines, market trends, new crops, norms and administrative regulations, etc. This provides us with the VISION of our sector, in such a way that allows us to develop proposals that are adequate to the continuous evolution of the Professional Agriculture sector.
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