especialidades nutricionales

Plant biostimulants

By definition, biostimulants are all those products or formulations that, without being fertilisers themselves, generate effects on the crops where they are applied that enhance their physiology, favouring the improvement of their metabolic processes.


Family of products designed to prevent or correct deficiencies of micro, meso and macro-elements, formulated with Complexing-Chelating agents, which increase their efficiency, thus acting effectively on crops in the environment where they are applied.


This family includes those products which, due to their composition, design and mode of action, have a direct effect when applied to the crops, flowering, setting, rooting, quality, etc.


This category is composed of products that mainly provide macro (N-P2O5-K2O) and meso elements (MgO-Ca-SO3), which are used as a complement to the traditional fertilisation of crops.

Within Conditioners, there are products aimed at conditioning water and soils, intervening in their physical, chemical and biological characteristics.

Basic Substances are those substances that exert a general or specific action against harmful agents on plants, parts of plants or plant products used for food use. They have a primary NON-phytosanitary use, but may have certain phytosanitary uses for crops or seeds.