Nutritional specialities


By definition, biostimulants are all those products or formulations that, without being fertilisers themselves, generate effects on the crops where they are applied that enhance their physiology, favouring the improvement of their metabolic processes.


Familia de productos destinados a prevenir o corregir carencias de micro, meso y macroelementos, formulados con agentes complejantes-quelantes, que permiten aumentar su eficiencia, consiguiendo de esta forma actuar de forma efectiva sobre los cultivos, en el medio donde son aplicados.


This family includes those products which, due to their composition, design and mode of action, have a direct effect when applied to the crops, flowering, setting, rooting, quality, etc.


Este categoría esta compuesto por productos que aportan principalmente, macro( N-P2O5-K2O) y mesoelementos (MgO-Ca-SO3), que son utilizados como complemento a las fertilización tradicional de los cultivos

Within Conditioners, there are products aimed at conditioning water and soils, intervening in their physical, chemical and biological characteristics.

Basic Substances are those substances that exert a general or specific action against harmful agents on plants, parts of plants or plant products used for food use. They have a primary NON-phytosanitary use, but may have certain phytosanitary uses for crops or seeds.

Products designed to be used efficiently by foliar application, being essential complements to conventional nutrition. 

Their use covers the needs at specific times when the nutrient supply via the roots does not effectively meet the plant's demand.