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DUNYA has collaboration and distribution agreements in different geographical areas, both nationally (Spain) and internationally.
If you are dedicated to the Consultancy, Marketing and Service in the Professional Agriculture sector, DUNYA may be of interest to you.
Contact our sales department and ask about the conditions and geographical areas available to work with the products and services that Dunya can bring to your business.
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It has a group of partners and distributors covering a large part of the antional agricultural territory.

Our Distribution network has Agricultural Technicians specialised in the area of crop management, who prescribe those solutions that are justified and necessary after the analysis of the Nutritional or Biostimulant demands that the crop may have at any given moment.

This is essential to ensure that inputs are used at the right time, at the right dose and with the guarantee that their application will have a return that will result in more and better production.



Within the company's objectives, INTERNATIONALISATION is one of our priorities. Designing global agronomic solutions adaptable to any CROP and in any part of the WORLD is one of our challenges.

At Dunya we are allocating technical and human resources that can deliver our AGRONOMIC SOLUTIONS, wherever the need arises.

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