DUNYAFER 10-8-17, is a complex granulated fertilizer, which provides primary elements, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, secondary elements, Sulphur and Magnesium, as well as Microelements.

The manufacturing process of complex fertilisers consists of chemically reacting the different raw materials that make them up and then the resulting slurry is granulated, dried, classified and conditioned. This ensures that each granule of the complex has exactly the same NUTRIENT content, which is the main difference with blending fertilisers.


ABONO COMPLEJO NPK (S) 10-8-17 (2-26) con micronutrientes Porcentaje
Total Nitrogen(N) 10,0 %
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) soluble in neutral citrate and water 8,0 %
Potassium oxide(K2O) Water soluble 17,0 %
Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Total 2,0 %
Total Sulphur Trioxide (SO3) 23,0 %
Calcio (Ca) Soluble al agua 4,0 %
Zinc (Zn) Total 0,01 %
Boro (Mn) Total 0,01 %




Primary elements: N-P-K, formulación adecuada como abonado de fondo. Su equilibrio lo hace interesante en multitud de cultivos al coincidir con las extracciones nutricionales medias de algunos de ellos como por ejemplo: Frutales – Hortícolas – Olivar – Viñedo – Frutos secos.etc
Secondary elements: Its high content of Sulfur, is an indispensable element in numerous metabolic processes of the plant, it increases the efficiency of the nitrogen provided, thanks to the energetic effect that enhances its assimilation, in turn, sulfur has an effect on the environment where it is applied, reducing the pH of the soil and decreasing the pH of the soil, and it is also an essential element in the metabolic processes of the plant, it increases the efficiency of the nitrogen provided, thanks to the energetic effect that enhances its assimilation.
nutrient lock-in.

El Calcio es considerado un nutriente de tipo estructural en la planta, siendo imprescindible para la división celular en las zonas meristemáticas, particularmente en el crecimiento y desarrollo de los ápices y de las raíces.
Magnesium, The plant is a vital element in the formation of the chlorophyll molecule, and therefore in the ability of plants to properly carry out photosynthesis.
Microelements: Aporta Boro y Zinc microelementos cuyo objetivo es prevenir las carencias generadas por falta o bloqueo de los mismos.

The DUNYAFER COMPLET family of granulated complex fertilisers has a very uniform granulometry so that its distribution with mechanical equipment reaches maximum precision, allowing a balanced distribution on the surface where it is applied. The advantages of complex fertilisers are that they make it easier for plants to make better use of them. They are chemically stable and have lower hygroscopicity. They are more resistant to abrasion and dust formation. They avoid the segregation of the components during transport and in storage silos, etc.